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The bilingual (German/English) Book of Remembrance is available from the Bergen-Belsen Memorial for EUR 28 plus shipping. The book is free of charge for survivors of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp The bilingual (German/English) Book of Remembrance is available from the Bergen-Belsen Memorial for EUR 28 plus shipping. The book is free of charge for survivors of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Neither the Book of Remembrance nor the register of names is anywhere near complete Pages in category Bergen-Belsen concentration camp survivors The following 60 pages are in this category, out of 60 total. This list may not reflect recent changes () A group of survivors in Bergen-Belsen displaced person's camp in December 1945. After liberation, the concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen became the site of a displaced persons' camp, the British army medical corps helping in the physical rehabilitation of the former prisoners Belsen survivor meets liberator Jump to media player A woman who survived the Holocaust and was in Bergen-Belsen as World War Two ended has met one of the British soldiers who liberated the camp.

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Bergen-Belsen [ˈbɛʁɡn̩.bɛlsn̩], or Belsen, was a Nazi concentration camp in what is today Lower Saxony in northern Germany, southwest of the town of Bergen near Celle.Originally established as a prisoner of war camp, in 1943, parts of it became a concentration camp. Initially this was an exchange camp, where Jewish hostages were held with the intention of exchanging them for German. Unfortunately, no complete list of the survivors of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp was made immediately after the liberation. Among other things, the reason for this is that the British were primarily interested in giving the freed prisoners medical help and in providing them with food 1. JEWISH WOMEN LIBERATED IN THE BERGEN BELSEN CAMP - Submitted by the World Jewish Congress, May 1945 Details: Name, first name, birth date, (abridged: 23=1923, 97=1897), or the age (if the number is followed by the word 'years or the letter y, birth place o last residence Survivor Testimony: Surviving Bergen-Belsen: Marion Blumenthal Lazan - Duration: 18:15. HMTC 15,072 views. 18:15. Survivor Testimony: Escaping the Auschwitz Gas Chambers - Rachel Gleitman.

The Liberation of Bergen-Belsen, 15 April 1945. Commandant Josef Kramer was immediately arrested by the British liberators. The Bergen-Belsen concentration camp was voluntarily turned over to the Allied 21st Army Group, a combined British-Canadian unit, on April 15, 1945 by Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler, the man who was in charge of all the concentration camps Bergen-Belsen, near Hanover in northwest Germany, was established in March 1943 as a special camp for prominent Jews of belligerent and neutral states, who might be exchanged for German citizens interned abroad. Conditions in the camp were good by concentration camp standards, and most prisoners were not subjected to forced labor Eva Behar - Auschwitz & Bergen Belsen Survivor 1 of 2 by Yom HaShoah UK. 3:06. Liberation of Bergen-Belsen. Letter by King Whyte. Canadian reporter. Written April 24. 1945 List of Hungarian Bergen Belsen victims compiled by an unidentified agency (possibly the Allied Expeditionary Force), with birth and death dates, place of burial (all Bergen-Belsen) and a note indicating that a death certificate was available for each. Individuals on this list largely died in 1945

Survivors, or possibly relief staff tasked with the evacuation of Bergen Belsen pass Block 16 II. Photograph/Document Dated: May 1945 Source: Unknown Image Added: 18/07/2009. If you wish to refer to this image in any correspondence please use Reference Number: 111 JewishGen's Holocaust Database is a collection of databases containing information about Holocaust victims and survivors. Bergen-Belsen to Tröbitz, April 1945. This list includes 111 survivors in Karlsruhe, Germany 1946, submitted by the World Jewish Congress, New York.. More than 70,000 prisoners, mostly Jews, died at Bergen-Belsen from 1941 to 1945. The camp was liberated on April 15, 1945; some 14,000 former inmates reportedly died after the liberation

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  1. Survivor of Bergen Belsen. Posted on June 26, 2020 by dirkdeklein under Australia , Bergen Belsen , History , Holocaust , the Netherlands , World War 2 My interview with Eddy Boas survivor of Bergen Belsen and author of I am not a victim, I am a survivor
  2. Survivors from Bergen-Belsen immigrating to the land of Israel. A photograph from the album, Destruction and Rebirth: Bergen-Belsen 1945-1965 The Bergen-Belsen camp was established in Germany in the 1930s to house workers who were constructing a military camp near the village of Belsen
  3. Bergen-Belsen was one of the first concentration camps to be liberated by Allied troops when the British capture it in April 1945. The guards were taken prisoner in these camps and the prisoners were interviewed as witnesses in war crimes trials.. The following source is the testimony of a survivor from the Bergen-Belsen camp. The survivor, a woman, was giving evidence to British officials so.
  4. From Eindhoven, Delson's unit moved again, to a new airstrip in Germany not far from where the Bergen Belsen camp was located. As author Mark Celinscak has documented in his book Distance from the Belsen Heap, about 1,000 Allied personnel helped in the liberation of the camp and the aftermath, including taking care of the surviving 60,000 people they found when they took over the site
  5. From 1943 to 1945, at least 52,000 women, men and children died in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp or of the immediate effects of their imprisonment. At least 19,700 people died in the Bergen-Belsen POW camp from 1940 to 1945. April/May 1945. More than 20,000 victims of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp are buried in mass graves
  6. Directed by Tom Stubberfield. With Hannah Atwood, Kate Fleetwood. Survivors of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp eloquently and movingly tell of their experiences of deportation, family destruction, and their own survival, together with the history of its place in the Nazi death camp system and its liberation by the British army in April 1945
  7. ation camps in the east so that they could be exchanged for German civilians held abroad. Between.

For Bergen-Belsen 'babies,' fond memories amid a scarred landscape Gathered for 70th anniversary of concentration camp's liberation, second-generation survivors born in DP camp discuss their. Young survivor of Bergen-Belsen Renee H. was born in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia in 1933. When the Nazis began rounding up the Jews there, her parents placed her and her younger sister with a Christian family, but the family claimed that the parents did not pay the money they had promised, and the two children were thrown out into the street Bergen-Belsen (or Belsen) was a Nazi concentration camp in Lower Saxony in northwestern Germany, southwest of the town of Bergen near Celle.. Originally established as the prisoner of war camp Stalag XI-C, in 1943 it became a concentration camp on the orders of Heinrich Himmler, where Jewish hostages were held with the intention of exchanging them for German prisoners of war held overseas Bergen-Belsen in northern Germany was the first Nazi death camp to be liberated by British troops and its horrors were on such a scale the BBC initially refused to broadcast the full report by. The 89-year-old grandmother in north London is one of the survivors of Bergen-Belsen who has paid tribute to British soldiers who liberated the concentration camp 75 years ago next Wednesday

The liberation of Bergen-Belsen; The tank driver who opened the gates at Bergen-Belsen; The medical students, average age 21, were volunteers, recruited initially to help care for starving Dutch. A survivor of Bergen-Belsen. Details. Photo A survivor of Bergen-Belsen. An survivor of the Bergen-Belsen camp, after liberation. Bergen-Belsen, Germany, after April 15, 1945. Tags. Holocaust. US Holocaust Memorial Museum; This content is available in the following languages So yesterday my faith in humanity was restored as I helped with a Holocaust Memorial Day event at my synagogue. 180 children from a local secondary school came to hear Holocaust survivor Mala Tribich speak and then to take part in a workshop designed to help them think about the theme for this year's HMD 'Don't Stand By' and to learn about a young non-Jewish girl who helped save the. In command of Tank Training School Bergen-Belsen Barracks (after Generalmajor Oskar Munzel left March 1945) Brokered the truce between the SS and the British Army: Rottenführer Ferdinand Grosse (Unconfirmed) Dr Grossfeld: Lagerältester: Rottenführer Ladislaw Gura: Guard: Fell ill during trial 23 October 194 This is Reading List #8, a selection of recent Holocaust-related news stories and links from around the internet. A number of newspapers and websites have published articles marking the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in northern Germany, on April 15th 1945. In The Independent, 90-year-old Belsen survivor Mady Gerrard recalls th

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The top bunk in Bergen-Belsen Lady Zahava Kohn The next night the train stopped, before we got to Bergen-Belsen that is and we had to change trains, it was late at night, we had to go from one train to the next, we had to get off one train and go to, and as I got off I lost my parents, I was very scared, because I was, they find a child they. Harvard Book Store's virtual event series welcomes BERNICE LERNER—author of The Triumph of Wounded Souls: Seven Holocaust Survivors' Lives—for a discussion of her latest book, All the Horrors of War: A Jewish Girl, a British Doctor, and the Liberation of Bergen-Belsen.She will be joined in conversation by MICHAEL ZANK, professor of Religion and Jewish Studies at Boston University In Bergen-Belsen alone, 555 babies were born in 1946.13 The growing rates of pregnancies and births expressed a deep-seated Jewish need; it was as if a child was the personal contribution of each survivor to the continued existence of the Jewish people

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This is a list of victims and survivors of Auschwitz concentration camp. This list represents only a portion of the 1.1 million victims and some survivors of the Auschwitz death camp and is not intended to be viewed as a complete accounting. Victims Władysław Fejkiel, Polish prisoner and chief physician for Auschwitz prisoner infirmary, Block 20 in the main camp in 1944., Lowy Erzsi. Bergen-Belsen [ˈbɛʁɡn̩.bɛlsn̩], or Belsen, was a Nazi concentration camp in what is today Lower Saxony in northern Germany, southwest of the town of Bergen near Celle.Originally established as a prisoner of war camp, [1] in 1943, parts of it became a concentration camp. Initially this was an exchange camp, where Jewish hostages were held with the intention of exchanging them for. Bergen-Belsen [ˈbɛʁɡn̩.bɛlsn̩], or Belsen, was a Nazi concentration camp in what is today Lower Saxony in northern Germany, southwest of the town of Bergen near Celle.Originally established as a prisoner of war camp, in 1943, parts of it became a concentration camp.Initially this was an exchange camp, where Jewish hostages were held with the intention of exchanging them for German.

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List of Jewish survivors found in Gyor (Hungary) 23. List of Czechoslovakian nationals (mostly Jews) registered in the Bergen Belsen Camp (24 April 1945-7 May 1945 For some reason or another, those 20 individuals failed to make the journey from Bergen Belsen to safety. Two of the new lists consist of 1,672 names, fewer than the commonly assumed sum

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The Bergen-Belsen rabbinical court collected the testimonies at the end of World War II and lists deaths in Nazi camps including Auschwitz, Treblinka and Bergen-Belsen Jonathan Dimbleby returns to the site of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp on the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the survivors by British troops

Thank you Tara, Mary, Lisa, Rene, and all the staff. And to ABC World News for recognizing the importance of the occasion, and to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the Bergen Belsen Memorial for their attendance and support. A teacher's job is to toss pebbles Hetty Esther Verolme (born 24 February 1930 in Antwerp, Belgium) is an Australian writer, educator and Holocaust survivor. She now lives in Australia.. Verolme has written about her experiences as a child in Bergen-Belsen. She is a recipient of the Australian Most Successful Migrant award Margit Feldman arrived in Bergen-Belsen at the age of 16 after a year Auschwitz. The camp was under quarantine, because diphtheria, typhoid, and lice were so rampant. Feldman died at the age of 91, under quarantine, of complications from COVID-19 in Somerset, New Jersey, one day shy of the 75th anniversary of her liberation from Bergen-Belsen Even after the Allies arrived, many concentration camp prisoners were beyond help. In Bergen-Belsen, for example, 13,000 prisoners died after liberation. Nearly 2,500 of the 33,000 survivors of Dachau died within six weeks of liberation. Approximately 600,000 Jews served in the United States armed forces during WWII

Dutch Holocaust survivor Hetty Verolme returned in 2018 to the Nazi concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen where, as a 15 year old girl, she spoke to the BBC's Patrick Gordon Walker in April 1945 Get this from a library! The survivors : the story of the Belsen remnant. [Leslie H Hardman; Cecily Goodman] -- A description of Bergen-Belsen at the time of its liberation told by a British army rabbi. Includes the stories of a few survivors

Josef Rosensaft (January 15, 1911 - September 11, 1975) was a Holocaust survivor who led the community of Jewish displaced persons (Sh'erit ha-Pletah) through the establishment of a Central Committee of Liberated Jews that first served the interests of the refugees in Bergen-Belsen DP camp and then DP camps throughout the entire British sector This thoughtful work transports us from a carefree girlhood in a small Hungarian village, through the grim portals of Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen, and on to the healing balm of recuperation in Sweden Elisabeth Volkenrath, chief female overseer in Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen, sentenced to death in 1945, was an unskilled labourer prior to becoming a guard. Ruth Closius, also sentenced to death for her exceptional cruelty, had dreamed of becoming a nurse but, since she left school too early, became a saleswoman in a textiles warehouse From Auschwitz, Anita was sent to Bergen-Belsen. On 15 th April 1945, Belsen was liberated by British troops. You can read more biographies of Holocaust survivors here. Bergen-Belsen concentration camp was liberated by the 11th Armoured Division of the British Army on 15th April 1945 Africa, Asia and Europe, Passenger Lists of Displaced Persons, 1946-1971 Free; Ahlem, Germany, Jewish Survivors, 1945 Free; Ahlem, Germany, Prisoner Deaths, 1944-1945 Free; Ain, France, Selected Holocaust Records,1940-1944 (USHMM) Free Index Algeria, Prisoner Exchange from Bergen-Belsen to UNRRA Camp, 1945 Free; Alsace, France, Natzweiler Medical Experiments List, 1943 Fre

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A holocaust survivor recalled the best day of her life 75 years on after a British soldier helped to liberate the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Mady Gerrard, 90, described the. After liberation, the concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen became the site of a Displaced Persons' (DP) camp. The British army medical corps helped in the physical rehabilitation of the former prisoners. The DP camp was in existence up to 1951, with the residents of the camp managing to organize a lively social, cultural, and political life in the cam Gedenkstatte Bergen-Belsen: Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp - See 284 traveler reviews, 415 candid photos, and great deals for Celle, Germany, at Tripadvisor

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Bergen-Belsen (or Belsen) was a Nazi concentration camp in what is today Lower Saxony in northwestern Germany, southwest of the town of Bergen near Celle.Originally established as a prisoner of war camp, [1] in 1943 parts of it became a concentration camp. Initially this was an exchange camp, where Jewish hostages were held with the intention of exchanging them for German prisoners of war. After a visit to Bergen-Belsen a few years ago, Schulmann received her birth certificate which had been issued by the camp authorities - a priceless gift. A vestige from Berger Moran's past is on display at the Mauthausen memorial in the form of a tiny dress sewn by detainees who were at the Freiberg camp at the same time as her. The most intriguing aspect of this book is Nanette (e.s. In Anne's diary) sharing her journey after liberation from Bergen Belsen. One could almost imagine that had Anne lived she would have made the same journey and gone on to live a life like Nanette The Bergen-Belsen displaced persons camp, however, had a history of particularly strained relations between the broader Jewish survivor population—which came to be represented by the Bergen-Belsen Central Jewish Committee (CJC)—and the Orthodox Jews in the camp, represented by the She'erit Israel kehillah (community). 39 Several overlapping. Some 50,000 inmates of the Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp are named in the book's two volumes. This German/English edition is available at the Bergen-Belsen Memorial Site for € 28.00 plus postage. Survivors of Bergen-Belsen get their item of the book free of charge. This latest edition of the book is by no means complete

In Jews, God and History, Jewish historian Max Dimont wrote of gassings at Bergen-Belsen./32 A semi-official work published in Poland in 1981 claimed that women and babies were put to death in gas chambers at Belsen. /33. In 1945 the Associated Press news agency reported: /34 In Lueneburg, Germany, a Jewish physician, testifying at the trial of 45 men and women for war crimes at the Belsen. USHMM Survivors mill around the former roll call area in the Ebensee concentration camp. The snow-capped peaks of the Alps Mountains loom in the distance. Austrian National Archives Women survivors in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp peel potatoes on April 28, 1945 The World Jewish Congress (WJC) has moved online a gathering that would have taken place at the Bergen-Belsen displaced persons camp, with the virtual commemoration taking place April 20 View all names in this list Search names within this list Description: Electronic data from a list of Jews who were released from Bergen-Belsen and arrived in Switzerland in December 1944, inscription on top of first page reads File: Jews in Hungary x Refugees in S/[?]land; data includes names and signature

Belsen-Bergen. On 1 February 1944, their own names appeared on the list and Henry and Pessel were transported by train to Belsen-Bergen in northern Germany, a concentration camp whose harsh conditions would claim the lives of 52,000 prisoners, including Anne Frank who succumbed to typhus there As a result of Mr. Rozell spotlighting Mr. Gantz on his website, a handful of Bergen-Belsen survivors have been in touch with Mr. Gantz, including Ariela Rojek, a Toronto resident who was 11-1/2. Sanctity in Bergen Belsen by Mirish Kiszner My G-d, the miracle in this young woman's life, proving that there is not only a force that has a plan for all of us, but a force that shows tender mercy to the righteous. We award Nobel prizes for all things that bring us closer to knocking on heaven's door; Mirish should get such a prize for tapping on G-d's heart Bergen-Belsen, or Belsen, was a Nazi concentration camp in what is today Lower Saxony in northern Germany, southwest of the town of Bergen near Celle.Originally established as a prisoner of war camp, [1] in 1943, parts of it became a concentration camp. Initially this was an exchange camp, where Jewish hostages were held with the intention of exchanging them for German prisoners of war held.

Bergen-Belsen Death Camp from Holocaust Survivors and Remembrance Project: Forget You Not Film footage of Belsen concentration camp and its destruction; Harold Le Druillenec, from the Channel Islands, was the only British survivor of Bergen Belsen. This link is to his testimony at the Bergen-Belsen trial of his experience there COVID-19 Resources. Reliable information about the coronavirus (COVID-19) is available from the World Health Organization (current situation, international travel).Numerous and frequently-updated resource results are available from this WorldCat.org search.OCLC's WebJunction has pulled together information and resources to assist library staff as they consider how to handle coronavirus. Susan Schwartz, one of the first children born in the Bergen-Belsen Displaced Persons Camp to two holocaust survivors, poses for a portrait as she visits the Bergen-Belsen Memorial at the site of

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In the summer of 1945, survivors of Bergen-Belsen honor their rescuer by naming a 13,000-bed complex in Bergen-Hohne the Glyn Hughes Hospital. Group photo of London medical students who went to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, 1945 Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: A letter and full list of donors from 1946-1947, which included 237 packages sent to Bergen-Belsen from grass roots groups in Montreal, Canada. The Hendler's list from November 25, 1945 until February 20, 1947 shows 907 packages sent to Bergen-Belsen alone, the largest part of the 1,324 packages. There are many similarities between Anne and Nanette; both were around the same age, came from a middle class family, and both ended up in Bergen-Belsen. The biggest difference between the two is the fact that Nanette survived to tell about the horrors that transpired while Anne died during the first quarter of 1945 in Bergen-Belsen 107 results for bergen belsen Save bergen belsen to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Unfollow bergen belsen to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed This item: Holocaust Memoirs of a Bergen-Belsen Survivor & Classmate of Anne Frank by Nanette Blitz Konig Paperback $13.19. Available to ship in 1-2 days. Ships from and sold by Amazon.com. FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00. Details


Some 60 miles North-East off Hannover, on the Lüneburger Moor, is found the former POW and Concentration Camp Bergen-Belsen. On this site graves and memory stones attest to the suffering and killing of the prisoners. A documentation center retells the story of the prisoners and the camp Bergen - Belsen was a concentration camp located in Lower Saxony, northern Germany, near the city of Celle. The camp was officially established in April 1943 as an Aufenthaltslager (detention camp) for holding persons who were designated for exchange with German nationals in Allied countries whom the Germans wanted to repatriate Rafael Olewski quickly became one of the leaders of the Bergen-Belsen survivors, dedicating himself to his people and working for their individual and cultural rehabilitation. He initiated the establishment of The Popular University of Bergen-Belsen. He fought to commemorate the lessons of the Holocaust

BERGEN-BELSEN. BERGEN-BELSEN, Nazi concentration camp near Hanover, Germany. It was established in July 1943 as an Aufenthaltslager (transit camp) in part of a prisoner-of-war camp, Stalag 311, and intended for prisoners whom the German government wished to exchange for Germans in allied territory. The camp was run by the ss, whose commandants were Adolf Haas, Siegfried Seidle, and Josef Kramer In this BBC recording, from April 20, 1945, Jewish survivors of the Bergen-Belsen death camp sing Hatikvah, only five days after their liberation by the British 11th Armoured Division. Hatikvah, the hope, was written in 1897 by Naftali Herz Imber as an anthem for the future state of Israel Echoes & Reflections is excited to announce the launch of our new poster series: Inspiring the Human Story, for which teachers can request one free set (three posters) for their classrooms. The posters (each 24'x 36'), feature the words and experiences of Holocaust survivor and memoirist Elie Wiesel, Holocaust survivor Kurt Messerschmidt, and Anne Frank rescuer, Miep Gies In his book Distance from the Belsen Heap, Mark Celinscak describes how, even though it was not a killing centre or extermination camp, Bergen-Belsen's horrendous conditions and abusive treatment of its prisoners, Jewish and otherwise, had earned it the epithet Horror Camp.For many people, Celinscak says, the name 'Belsen' became synonymous with the crimes of the Third Reich

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A monument to the indestructible nature of the human spirit Anne Frank's classmate Nanette Blitz Konig relates her amazing story of survival in Bergen-Belsen during WW2 when she was imprisoned by the Nazis. In these compelling, award-winning Holocaust memoirs, Nanette Blitz Konig relates her amazing story of survival during the Second World War In fact, Dancyger's parents hadn't told him much of his childhood. His wife jumped on the Internet and connected with people at the Bergen-Belsen museum and archive. They generated a survivors list from September 1945 which included Dancyger's mother and father. That was the first time he'd ever seen that list, and it was only the start 'We are the last Auschwitz survivors' Auschwitz was liberated in 1945, but you had been sent to the Bergen Belsen concentration camp as a forced laborer just a few weeks prior to that The Bergen-Belsen children will be the last survivors, the last to be able to testify to what the Nazis wrought. He is seeking, he tells me, to make his list of child survivors as complete as possible, and urges me to get others to register with him

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Rarely seen footage triggers memories of the camps. You are the owner of this article The camp played a key role and focal point for displaced Jewish displaced people and a significant amount remained until the summer of 1950. On liberating Belsen, British forces also took over the Bergen-Hohne Training Area.Covering 284 square kilometres (70,000 acres), it remains to this day the largest military training area in Germany

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Belsen was the first concentration camp to be liberated by British troops A survivor of the Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps, he was part of the team that won best picture honors for 'Schindler's List' and 'Gladiator. Bergen-Belsen. Tag Archive. Below you Tomi is a Holocaust survivor and he spent his big day in a mosque in Blanchardstown at the request of Shaykh Umar al-Qadri who was touched to the core by Tomi's story of survival. Read More. Bergen-Belsen Condemned to Remember Holocaust Tomi Reichental British forces liberated Bergen-Belsen on 15 April 1945. Thousands of bodies lay unburied around the camp and some 60,000 starving and mortally ill people were packed together without food, water or basic sanitation. Many were suffering from typhus, dysentery and starvation The item Letters from Belsen 1945 : an Australian nurse's experiences with the survivors of war, Muriel Knox Doherty ; edited by Judith Cornell & R. Lynette Russell represents a specific, individual, material embodiment of a distinct intellectual or artistic creation found in Randwick City Library

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As they worked, reels of film kept arriving, sent by British, American and Soviet combat and newsreel cameramen from 11 camps, including Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Dachau and Bergen-Belsen The Jews numbered 222 from the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany - 10 from the German town of Laufen, and 50 from the French town of Vitel. The German authorities allowed some Jews to leave Europe on what was known as a Palestine certificate, in exchange for the Templars - many who were Nazi sympathizers (April 17, 2020 / JNS) Germany held a minute of silence on Wednesday to mark 75 years since the liberation of the Bergen-Belsen Nazi concentration camp on April 15, 1945.. Events commemorating the liberation that were originally planned for Sunday are being postponed to April 2021. The memorial site to the camp is closed because of coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions The Story of Belsen. After liberating Belsen concentration camp in April and May 1945, soldiers from the 113th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, The Royal Artillery wanted their experiences to be recorded and made known to the general public. In response to this request, their Adjutant, Captain Andrew Pares, wrote 'The Story of Belsen'. Extracts from the source have been used throughout Surviving. Gena Turgel, a Holocaust survivor who comforted Anne Frank at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp before the young diarist's death and the camp's liberation a month later, has died. She was 95

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